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The Glen Breton Toast

So the word is now out for all to see

A single malt from this side of the sea

A lowland taste, or a highland smile, or the tang of the sea,

Like a malt from the Isle


These secrets reside in the walls of the cask,

And those bouquets and flavours are with us at last.

Ten years in a complex of oak and of smoke,

Now we reach for the glass,

For the cask has awoke


And we’ll toast with Glen Breton,

With more than a dram,

For the dream of Glenora has captured our land


From the shores of Cape Breton to our mountainous west

Canadians now toast with their very own best


Glen Breton


By Bryan Finlay


Glen Breton 10 Glen Breton Rare 10 Year
The signature expression of Glenora Distillers
Widely available in Canada, North America and abroad

Aged for 10 years with American Oak in traditional warehouses situated within the apple orchard of the Glenora Distillery property in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.



Orange, Spice, Chocolate, Honey, Vanilla, with hints of Tobacco Maple & Cherry



Fruit, Chocolate, Hazelnut, Maple and Cherry



Long and smooth, eventual Apple and Ginger



Glenora Distillers is proud to announce that this expression in craftsmanship has been selected as one of the 101 whiskies to try before you die in the book of the same name by Ian Buxton. 

101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die was released on September 2nd 2010 by Hachette Scotland

 Glen Breton Rare ICE
At the suggestion from a Glen Breton fan, Glenora approached Jost Vineyards, an award wining Nova Scotia winery, requesting to use one of their oak barrels once used for their Ortega Ice Wine to finish one of Glenora's cask strength whiskies.  With the partnership in place the experiment began.  Because Ice Wine is powerful in its own unique way Glenora tasted the whisky each day as it picked up trace hints of sweetness and fruit from the grape.  After 4 months it was felt that the ideal finish was achieved.  
Glen Breton ICE 10 Year Glen Breton ICE 15 Year Glen Breton ICE 17 Year

Glen Breton Rare ICE

10 Year


Honey, Cinnamon, Apple, Vanilla



Grape Peel, Sweet Apple, Vanilla, Hazelnuts, Spice



Lingering Cherry, Wine, Ginger, Cedar


The 10 Year ICE finsh is available in a 250ml bottle at 57.2% Al/Vol

Glen Breton Rare ICE

15 Year   












The 15 Year ICE finsh is available in a 250ml bottle at 56.2% Al/Vol


Glen Breton Rare ICE

17 Year


 fruity, apple, grape, raisin, earthy


 yellow, straw


ice wine taste first, now whisky, sharp on tongue due to cask strength.


sweet, quite long then slowly fades with a hint of  banana

The 17 year ICE is available in a 250ml bottle at 54.6% AL/Vol

Specialty Bottlings


Glen Breton Rare 14 YO

43% 750ml

Glen Breton - Battle of the Glen

The Battle of the Glen


Release Date: June 09, 2010

When the Scotch Whisky Association launched its law suit against Glenora Distillers in 2000, shortly after the release of its first bottling proudly called "Glen Breton Rare", a media frenzy soon followed in newspapers, magazines, and online newsletters, forums, and blogs.  North America's only Single Malt Whisky distillery was a hot topic amongst the whisky and local cultural communities.  

Upon victory in the summer of 2009 it was decided to dedicate a bottling to celebrate this epic battle so fittingly called the "Battle of the Glen" 

More on this special bottling & release 

Glen Breton 8 

Glen Breton Rare 8 Year


Release Date: November 2000



Amber Gold

Big bouquet, fresh, warm and heather-floral

Zest of heather-honey, assertive yet gentle in taste, slightly dry in
             texture, medium depth, lots of flavor development.

Rounded, lingering, faintly sweet, merest whisper of peat

The 8 year is available (onsite only) in a 750ml bottle at 40% AL/Vol

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